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Discover the sky with Galileo

English-language show on June 10

The next  english-language show will be held June 10th at 18.30. BOOK NOW your seats

The first part of the show is a live lesson: "Discover the Sky with Galileo"

In ancient times, Greek astronomers understood that planets are not like the stars, because they move in a different way in our skies. Why do they move the way they do? What are they made of? And what about the Moon? Is it really a perfect object with a smooth surface? To answer these questions, we have the need to give a closer look to the sky using something that can make our sight sharper and deeper. It’s from this need that our story begins.

The second part is the full dome video "STARS"



You can book your seats sending an email to (specifying your name and the number of persons) or filling 

the ONLINE FORM with the following info:

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